We need to support our American workers

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A recent YouTube video from the channel More Perfect Union discussed the current factory conditions of Frito-Lay workers.

According to More Perfect Union, who interviewed Frito-Lay workers on strike against the corporation, workers are subjected to forced overtime work.

Anyone who doesn’t subject to working overtime will not be given time off from work. Workers are expected to work twelve-hour shifts, seven days a week.

Workers for Frito-Lay have to work 31 days in a row to receive a day off. Some workers stated they have not received a day off in five months.

Let that sink in. Imagine reporting…

Here’s why Apple is lying to you

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Recently, Apple announced they plan to use a surveillance system to detect CSAM (Child Sexual Abuse Material) on people’s iPhones. Apple planned to do this by scanning all photos on a user’s iPhone and using artificial intelligence to determine if any of the user’s images on their phone would match those in the CSAM database.

If the user uploads those photos to iCloud, the account would be locked, and Apple would notify the police.

While organizations that want to end CSAM online applauded the effort, privacy advocates slammed Apple for creating and implementing this technology into their products. …

It’s not what Martin Luther King, Jr. fought for

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I first heard someone say the word ‘colonizer’ in Marvel’s film Black Panther. Hearing an African refer to a white person as such was hilarious.

However, I’ve begun to hear the term more often; I now don’t find it funny compared to when I first heard it.

Recently, a friend showed me a few TikToks where a content creator justified the use of the word ‘colonizer’ towards white people.

Some white people reacted negatively to the word, saying the term was uncomfortable. …

Other countries violate women’s rights but we don’t send troops

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According to U.S. intelligence, the withdrawal of the American military from Afghanistan would lead to the violation of women’s rights. This report comes out as the Taliban moves in to consolidate power.

In other words, despite being there for twenty years, the U.S. military should continue being in Afghanistan to protect women’s rights.

I’m disgusted.

  1. We did not enter the Middle East to protect women’s rights. We entered the Middle East to find Osama bin Laden, the leader of al-Qaeda who orchestrated the attacks on the World Trade Center in 2001.
  2. Even after killing bin Laden, we remained in the…

It’s not a computer with so many missing features

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As much as I love my iPad Pro, I continue to own and use a laptop for most tasks. I question whether Apple will integrate missing features into the iPad before the release of its competitor, Windows 11. Once Windows 11 launches, some shoppers will wonder whether it’s worth ditching Microsoft laptops for an iPad. These are the features I believe Apple should integrate into the iPad before I would consider abandoning Windows for good.

Multitasking in portrait mode

Even though most people use their iPad in landscape mode (as seen in the image above), Apple still places the front-facing camera in an odd…

Just another corporation seeking to shut down its competition

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I thought McDonald’s had a dark history, but Oreo cookies have it worse.

A few months ago, I came across the movie The Founder on Netflix. The film discusses the story of Ray Kroc, a man who turned a local restaurant into the world’s biggest restaurant company in the world.

What disturbed me is that Ray Kroc took the restaurant and the company from the brothers for himself. He cheated them out of their successful family-owned restaurant and became a billionaire using their product and methods of cooking. …

CDC says it’s not necessary, but should we listen to them?

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In a recent report, the CDC stated students and teachers will no longer have to wear face masks when they return to school in the fall.

While some states like Texas celebrate the news, California announced students and teachers will be required to wear face masks indoors in the fall.

It does raise the question: should students and teachers continue wearing face masks in the classroom this fall?

Not everyone qualifies for the vaccine yet

As of the writing of this article, only people over the age of 12 can qualify for the vaccine.

However, anyone under the age of 18 can only receive the Pfizer vaccine…

I left him speechless

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After running a few copies in the printer room, I headed to a coworker’s classroom to see if he was done for the day. Once I arrived, I saw a teacher from down the hall talking to him. My coworker looked worried.

Once I walked into the room, the ambiance changed. The teacher from down the hall (we’ll refer to him as Paul) was going on a rant about politics. My coworker didn’t know how to handle it.

I sat there and listened to the rant, wondering what the hell he was trying to say. After saying Dr. Fauci was…

To better engage students and increase interest in history

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Sometimes students get tired of listening to their history teacher talk about historical events. No matter how interesting it is, some kids can’t engage with the lesson. Sometimes students should hear the information from someone other than the teacher. Here are a few YouTube channels I have integrated into my lessons to improve their learning.

Simple History

Simple History covers interesting yet specific events throughout history. I’ve integrated their videos into my lessons when teaching World History. …

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