Democrats have lost their minds if they expect to win the midterms

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Unfortunately, I’ve been keeping up with the news after the 2020 election. The more I watch politics, the more I lean farther left.

Regardless of party affiliation, I’ve noticed congresspeople have committed corruption, lied, and have made no effort to help American workers and low-income families.

The current Democrats in…

Cornell and guided notes should never be used again

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If you didn’t read my previous article on why I format my students’ notes a-la-flashcard method, feel free to read it here.

If you already read it, here’s the tutorial on how I format my students’ notes for better test scores.

(Disclaimer: please make sure you delete any slides you…

AJ Krow

Teacher. Writer. Future Author. Aspiring Linguist. Progressive Voter. Twitter @ajkrow_writer.

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