We need to support our American workers

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A recent YouTube video from the channel More Perfect Union discussed the current factory conditions of Frito-Lay workers.

According to More Perfect Union, who interviewed Frito-Lay workers on strike against the corporation, workers are subjected to forced overtime work.

Anyone who doesn’t subject to working overtime will not be given…

Other countries violate women’s rights but we don’t send troops

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According to U.S. intelligence, the withdrawal of the American military from Afghanistan would lead to the violation of women’s rights. This report comes out as the Taliban moves in to consolidate power.

In other words, despite being there for twenty years, the U.S. …

Just another corporation seeking to shut down its competition

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I thought McDonald’s had a dark history, but Oreo cookies have it worse.

A few months ago, I came across the movie The Founder on Netflix. The film discusses the story of Ray Kroc, a man who turned a local restaurant into the world’s biggest restaurant company in the world.

CDC says it’s not necessary, but should we listen to them?

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In a recent report, the CDC stated students and teachers will no longer have to wear face masks when they return to school in the fall.

While some states like Texas celebrate the news, California announced students and teachers will be required to wear face masks indoors in the fall.

AJ Krow

Teacher. Writer. Future Author. Aspiring Linguist. Progressive Voter. Twitter @ajkrow_writer.

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