Based on what I interpreted from MLK’s book, we don’t need the “approval” of the St. Louis couple. The issue came down to they felt threatened by the BLM protest. MLK would advocate for having them side with him.

MLK points out one way to fix current issues is having the military on the side of BLM. Which I recall a video somewhere where a few police officers actually did join the BLM protesters and people cheered. Sadly, that was only one scenario, as opposed to the other situations that happened when police officers used riot gear.

I disagree that the population is more diverse. We’ve always had Hispanics, Asians, and African American populations in the U.S. Yet, we continue to enforce quotas and limit who can immigrate here.

I will agree though that new generations have made it more culturally diverse. Apparently younger Republican conservatives hate the older Christian Republican conservatives. They don’t want the older folk to represent the party.

In terms of whether the country has come a long way since King, that’s debateable. The Voting Rights Act has been diluted significantly since King, which is why some Dems tried to pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Act. Meanwhile, Texas and Florida are trying to limit voting rights under the guise of preventing voter fraud.

On that note, the Capitol riot hearing recently featured a Black police officer who tried to block the rioters from entering the Capitol, and the rioters called him the N word, and threatened to lynch him. Granted, it is one incident, but there is still lots of issues in the U.S. in terms of racial equality.

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