I agree, a 3rd party has no chance of winning in 2022 or 2024. I question why you assume my vote will determine who will be in power in 22 or 24.

We don't need to assume the GOP will win in 22. Historically, Congress controls the majority opposite to the President in power in most midterm elections. Under Obama, it switched red in 2010 (I believe). It will do so under Biden.

"Progressive" or "liberal" are just labels, and those people frequently disagree.

I consider myself a socialist/leftist. Having said that, I would prefer neither Dems or the GOP control Congress, because they are achieving nothing on the populist agenda. So far, Bernie Sanders and the Squad are the only ones pursuing a populist agenda, but the Squad isn't willing to force the vote on issues. Instead, they keep compromising, hoping Manchin and Sinema will agree. We went from a $12 trillion BBB to a $3T, now down to a $1.5T. Now, it's "postponed", in favor of voting rights.

I agree, vote blue no matter who is shite. Having said that, I also agree people forget the pummel part. But at the same time, most people are trying to put food on the table, since many are resigning in favor of finding better paying jobs + better working conditions. Appreciate the feedback and enjoyed clarifying my position. Good conversation!

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