I think this is grasping at straws. Atheism is meant to be a rejection of religion or practicing religion, not the rejection of value or valuing something.

In other words, I reject the teaching of Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and the other hundreds of religions that exist or have existed. Mainly because I teach history and have seen the brutal acts done in the name of religion (Crusades, Bubonic Plague, COVID-19 (God will protect me?!)

I think your title would've been better served saying no atheist can prove a god doesn't exist. In other words, all atheists and theists are truly agnostic: no one can prove what's out there: everything is based on belief or lack thereof.

I don't believe a god exist for many reasons, like famine, war, poverty, and human rights violations.

I won't continue this argument because I don't seek to change your mind nor do I seek to hear your argument for religion. You've chosen to believe in it and I've chosen not to. Simple as that.

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