Many facts wrong with this. For one, as you said, Germany was not a Democratic Republic. The same applies to the USSR. They weren't socialist. They were authoritarian communists. Cuba was/is also authoritarian communist.

You criticize Obama for visiting Cuba but neglect Trump's friendliness with North Korea and Russia. If you want your article to be legitimate, criticize both actions.

In terms of Jamaica and Guyana, colonialism and authoritarianism have caused corruption. Can't blame socialism for the former three things.

Venezuela is suffering because of American colonialism. They sent in their military into central america because they wanted oil and did a coup on the country.

If you want your article to have any legitimacy, you should also criticize the failures of capitalism. Extreme healthcare prices, homelessness, income inequality, jobs being sent overseas since it’s cheaper, forcing Americans to shut down their factories, etc.

In terms of the political compass, the USSR and Cuba fell far to the top left. What current Americans want is bottom left, or libertarian left. There is a massive difference between Bernie Sanders and Yosef Stalin.

This article is missing so many facts and sounds more like a rant without actual evidence.

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