Of course. democratic socialism, social democrats, social marxists, marxist socialism, etc.

There are soooo many versions of marxism. But labeling BLM as Marxist is kinda overgeneralizing, as BLM doesn't focus on economic restructuring.

I'm not sure who Coulours is. But I'm sure individuals marching for BLM aren't blanket Marxists. That's an oversimplification.

Even if they are Marxists, there are aspects of Marxism we need. Jeff Bezos going to space and "thanking his workers for paying" for the spacecraft is insane. He's a modern version of Henry Ford. Although he did give them raises, workers are still treated horribly, since some of them were found to be urinating in bottles.

You might be a proponent of capitalism, but I'm sure you don't support that version of capitalism.

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